Torpedo Anchors for Ocean Energy

Unlocking the Potential of Offshore Clean Energy

Offshore clean energy projects will play a key role in achieving our carbon reduction goals, both nationally and globally. But constructing these projects in deeper waters – where the greatest wind potential exists — will require more efficient, less costly anchoring mechanisms.

Sperra Torpedo Anchors combine speed, efficiency and cutting-edge 3D printing manufacturing techniques to enhance the competitiveness of floating offshore wind in deeper waters, while reducing embodied carbon. 

Key Advantages of Sperra Torpedo Anchors

Reduced Cost

Anchoring offshore clean energy projects currently consumes approximately 15% of total capital project cost. Steel, the traditional material used, can be subject to significant price fluctuations and supply chain risks. Sperra Torpedo Anchors reduce the overall cost of floating offshore wind, for example, by up to 3% using local materials and automated construction.

concrete mix
wind energy turbine

Lower Carbon Emissions

Our torpedo anchors cut CO2 emissions for floating offshore wind anchoring up to 96%, an impact often overlooked by traditional project metrics.

wind energy turbine

Domestic Supply Chain and Local Manufacturing

Sperra’s anchors generate economic benefits for disadvantaged and low-income communities by hiring local labor and introducing a sustainable, low-carbon industry.

torpedo anchor manufacturing

Funding Provided by

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Our torpedo anchors have been developed with funding assistance from the US Department of Energy.

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