Gravity Anchors for Floating Solar

Gravity Anchors for Floating Solar

Sun. Sea. A Powerful Combination.

Floating photovoltaic systems are a rapidly growing avenue for clean power generation offshore and on inland water bodies.

Floating solar plants avoid land-use conflicts, increase solar panel efficiency, and can even conserve water. But anchoring these systems in vast bodies of water poses some challenges. Traditional gravity or dead-weight anchors, while simple in concept, come with their own set of drawbacks in terms of weight, material usage and shipping logistics.

Introducing: 3DCP Anchors for Floating Solar

 Sperra has pioneered a groundbreaking solution to the weighty challenges of anchoring these systems: 3D Concrete Printed (3DCP) Gravity Anchors. Our patented approach meets the unique demands of solar installations on water, offering unparalleled advantages.

Optimized Design

Engineered with precision, Sperra Gravity Anchors have a streamlined design that increases efficiency while minimizing material usage. Our approach ensures robust anchoring performance without unnecessary bulk, driving cost savings over the life of the project.

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Enhanced Sustainability

Sperra Gravity Anchors reduce the carbon footprint associated with conventional anchor production and transportation. Gravity Anchors are produced onsite or near sites with local labor and can be filled with sustainable materials, replacing up to 65% of the concrete typically used in anchor construction.

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Increased Marine Biodiversity

Our Gravity Anchors foster marine biodiversity, using bio-supportive materials, textures and geometries. Elements are specifically designed to promote the health and diversity of local marine ecosystems.

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Turnkey Solution

Sperra Gravity Anchors offer a convenient installation solution for floating solar projects on large bodies of water, offshore or inland. Clients can seamlessly incorporate our anchors into their systems, saving time, resources and labor costs.

For more information on Sperra Gravity Anchor solutions for floating solar, please get in touch.

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