About Us

Building clean energy in marine environments

Sperra is at the forefront of revolutionizing the marine renewable energy industry with cutting-edge, locally manufactured solutions.

Sperra designs and manufactures structural systems for renewable energy in offshore and other aquatic environments. Using 3D concrete printing (3DCP) enables us to employ local materials, radically reducing the costs and carbon emissions associated with clean energy infrastructure. 

Our products include anchors for offshore wind and solar, fixed-bottom foundations, canal solar solutions and innovative subsea energy storage technologies.

Sperra anchors and foundations stand up to the power of water, with structural integrity that is stronger and more sustainable. Using a patented approach to precisely design and automate construction, Sperra minimizes material waste and greatly reduces carbon emissions associated with conventional cement anchors and steel foundations.

Our competitive advantages lie in our ability to minimize cost and embodied carbon emissions during manufacturing, transportation, and installation, as well as in our commitment to promoting marine biodiversity through nature-inclusive designs. 

Based in Boulder with printing facilities in LA and Rochester, NY, Sperra brings 3DCP manufacturing to our clients, wherever their projects are located. 

Sperra team members

Our vision:

To build clean energy that is abundant and sustainable for nature and communities.


U.S. Department of Energy: American-Made Solar Prize
U.S. Department of Energy: Storage Innovations Prize
2021 Ventus Award for Innovation of the Year

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